Independent, Professional IT & C Consultancy
Software Applications / Information Systems Development
Internet Domain (Web/Mail) Hosting

We aim to provide clients with appropriate information systems which meet their needs for timely, accurate and comprehensive management information while providing simple, user friendly data entry and retrieval processes.


  • MS Access - generally recognised as an outstanding Rapid Application Development (RAD) product, meaning that custom applications can be quickly developed, debugged, and deployed.

    At CAMCo, custom applications can be developed even more rapidly through the use of our libraries of pre-programmed functions and templates. These libraries, developed and refined over a period of years, ensure that our clients not only receive great value but that their applications are delivered quickly with a minimum of bugs. In other words -- fast, accurate professional solutions at an economical price.

  • MS SQL Server - an excellent Database Management solution for systems involving large amounts of data and/or a high number of concurrent users

  • PB/Win - a programming tool which produces very small, fast, stand-alone executables. We use this to develop portable, stand alone applications which are not dependent on Microsoft Office and other specific software installations.


We will:

  • Conduct operational analyses of your organisation and provide recommendations for appropriate Information Systems to meet your needs.

  • Design and develop customised information systems to meet your specific management, operational and legislative needs.

  • Integrate and utilise data from existing financial accounting etc systems for enhanced operational management and reporting.

  • Provide specifically targeted on-the-job training to your employees in the supplied Information Systems.